Our Family

Generations of Oakes have ventured out into the world and returned to the farm with broad expertise and a unique vision.


fam in packing rm

Pictured from Left to Right: Darrel Oakes, Linda Oakes, Chris Oakes, Wendy Oakes Wilson, Jonathan Oakes, Jerod Thurber


Chris Oakes - Production Manager; LynOaken Farms


Jeff Oakes - President; LynOaken Farms


Jonathan Oakes - Wine & Cider Maker; Leonard Oakes Estate Winery / SteamPunk Cider


Katie Oakes - U-Pick Manager; LynOaken Farms


Wendy Oakes Wilson - General Manager; LynOaken Farms & President; Leonard Oakes Estate Winery / SteamPunk Cider

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Steampunker's Ball



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Dust off your gauntlets. Lace up your corset. Break out your bloomers. Fasten your trousers. Gear up, for the Steampunker’s ball.