Post-Valentine’s Reflection

Retail manager Cat here! Formerly the manager of our SteamPunk Cider bar in South Buffalo, I have been working up at our Medina Tasting Room since August 22nd, 2020 – so I only know how everything here works with the social distancing regulations in place. This past weekend we participated in our first Covid conscious Niagara Wine Trial event – Be Mine with Wine.


That being said, I have heard from co-workers, employees, and patrons alike on how the winery’s Niagara Wine Trail events used to function. I realize in the past that a decent amount of patrons have taken a tour bus a time or two and hit multiple wineries in a short span of time with a large group of friends. While the past year has certainly eventful and challenging at times, I do feel lucky that local wineries are looking more towards more personal and individualized experiences.


I have been in food service in some capacity or another for more than half my life at this point and there can be arguments made for each service style. Every business in the hospitality industry has certain goals and an environment they aim for and I firmly believe that wineries, cideries, and tasting rooms in general, are places where Quality should take precedence over Quantity.


From the other side of the bar top I can assure you that when you are in a large group, unless you have called at least a day or two in advance and reserved your space and time, you are not getting the standard of service an establishment intends to give. It’s not possible. Staffing and inventory are a structured and planned weekly if not daily depending on the time of year and when guests arrived en masse, we just aren’t able to give you the service we want to provide and that you deserve!


I obviously have very strong opinions about this, but the tl,dr; take away is this:


We want you to have the best experience possible whenever you cross through our doors and I think this most recent Niagara Wine Trail event was a big step in the right direction. Smaller groups, table service, and a chance for you to get to know us as we learn more about you!