Victory Sunday

Steampunk chalice

It’s another quiet morning just before open at the Tasting Room and we have to say, it was hard to get up for work after last night’s celebration!


With a mug of Steamworks Coffee in hand, we’re here looking forward to what the day brings. Interested in joining us for a tasting? We have 5 distanced tables available for seating. Just looking to stock up for the week ahead? We are full of answers and recommendations. There is nothing quite like welcoming folks into our space and having them leave with something delicious.


Anyway, the thing we are most excited about since last time we updated you, is the creation and launch of our Wine & Cider Club. We are putting the finishing touches on the system now and are looking to launch by Friday, January 22nd. For a subscription service to work up to our standards, there were and are a lot of moving parts that we wanted to get dialed in just right so that our members had a sleek and easy time getting their bottles.


That’s all for now, we have to put the OPEN flag out and get to work!